//Use of IMS and UKAS Logos

Use of IMS and UKAS Logos

How to use your certification logos

Certified organisations receive a set of logos to use on their stationary once they have achieved successful certification.  Use of the logos is verified during subsequent assessments to ensure that they are being used in accordance with UKAS and IMS requirements, more importantly the UKAS requirements as these are stipulated by BIS (the Department for Business Innovation and Skills) .

Not only can misusing them be against requirements and can generate a non-conformance but it can also be a costly mistake as you would be required to remove them from any documentation or vehicles where they are found to be non-compliant.  Guidelines (Doc 34) for the use of logos are issued with every set of logos so there should be no reason for organisations not to be aware of the requirements, however, we are continuing to see incorrect use.

The common areas we are seeing them being used incorrectly are on vehicles, and on certificates of conformity.  No UKAS Logos are allowed on vehicles or certificates of conformity.  The Logos issued to you are also not allowed to be adapted, we have seen UKAS Logos being separated from the IMS Logo which is a serious infringement and has lead to trading standards taking legal action in the past.  We do not wish for any of our clients to receive non-conformance’s or legal action taken by others.  As the guidelines are updated frequently organisations must always follow Doc 34 which shows allowances.

A link to the guidance notes (Doc 34) are available from our documents page here.  If you are unsure then please do not hesitate to contact our head office at info@imsworld.org

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