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Process Control Tools

AS9101 clause requires the Certification Body Auditor to ensure clients provide the necessary information and documentation for review, including the following:

  • Quality Manual;
  • Description of processes showing their sequence and interaction, including the identification of any outsourced processes;

Note 1: The processes can be depicted in various ways

[e.g., process maps, turtle diagrams, SIPOC method (breakdown of supplier, inputs, process steps/tasks, outputs, customer), octopus].

Organisations shall be required to provide this information during the stage 1 assessment or a document review for the auditor to review and use as the basis for the audit plan.  There is no defined method for depicting this information but some common tools are detailed within Note 1 or organisations can create their own.

Whatever tool is used, the organisation must ensure that the process approach which has been defined within a previous blog is being utilised [i.e. inputs, process, outputs).

The auditor is also likely to produce their own tools for use, these can also be used as part of your own internal audit process.

Some of the tools used by the IMS auditors can be downloaded from the IMS Website.

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