/, AS9120/OASIS Management for AS9100:2016/D and AS9120:2016/B

OASIS Management for AS9100:2016/D and AS9120:2016/B

Now that the deadline has passed and all audits will now be performed to the new revision of AS9100:2016 and AS9120:2016 organisations will need to take a greater role in OASIS Management.  Many activities and communications are now to be controlled through OASIS and not via emails as have been in the past, especially surrounding NCR Management.

When an audit has been confirmed, IMS will plan the audit in OASIS and hand over to the auditor and the client to manage until completion of the audit.  You should have at least one OASIS administrator who will have access to OASIS and be able to manage the audits.  Auditors will guide you as much as possible during the audit but certified organisations will need to take an active role.

The IAQG have produced a number of presentations with step by step guides to help you with this process, the guides are easy to follow and should help answer any questions you may have, these are available on OASIS directly but for quick reference IMS have also placed these on their website.

Please read the guides and review OASIS and the new features, if you have any problems you can speak to your auditor or contact IMS directly, some of the features are not new but have been amended so will have the same functionality but look very different to what you have experienced in the past:

OASIS Management-Manage Supplier Site

Supplier Site application allow the modification of Supplier’s Details (by CB Audit Entry Admin only) and Supplier’s Contact Details (by Supplier Administrator only).

It also allow CB to manage Supplier’s administrator (e.g. for an existing site when the currently listed admin is no longer with the Company, etc.).

OASIS Supplier Sites

OASIS Management-My Audit Duration Calculator

My Audit Duration Calculation allows all OASIS users to determine auditor days for audits and will use the criteria entered by the user to calculate the audit duration (auditor days), based on a set of rules defined in 9104/1

Within this application it is possible to:

  • Add an Audit Duration Calculation
  • Search for an Audit Duration Calculation
  • View existing Audit Duration Calculation
  • Edit an Audit Duration Calculation

OASIS My Audit Duration Calculation

OASIS Management-NCR Management

NCR Management Process guidance material provide users’ instructions for the creation and management of the on-line Non Conformance Report (NCR) report.

OASIS NCR Management Process

OASIS Management-Manage Users

  • Add User
  • Edit User
  • Deactivate Use

OASIS User Manage

OASIS Management-Organization Watch List

The Organization Watch List’ allows a single watch list of suppliers to be established for the entity

  • Enables a single controlled list of an organizations’ suppliers
  • Allows different users to be advised of changes affecting suppliers from one list
  • “Manage Users” function can be used to determine is a specific user had view, edit or has no access to the list

OASIS Organization Watch List

OASIS Management-Organization Email Notification

The Organization Email Notification allows to create a notification for the entity against all the OASIS supplier certificate changes for the last 6 months or the start of this certification tracking (26 Oct 2006), whichever is less, at a pre-set frequency.

OASIS Organization Email Notification

OASIS Management-Manage Data Access

Manage Data Access application allow the Certified Organizations to control the access to their Audit Results Tier 2 data.

These access shall be granted, limited in time or without a limited expiration date, to:

  • All OASIS Users
  • All IAQG Member’s Company(ies)
  • Selected IAQG Member’s Company(ies)

OASIS Manage Data Access


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