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OASIS Database

The OASIS Database is the Online Aerospace Supplier Information System and is used to aid in the management and transparency of the AS9100, AS9120 and AS9110 standards.

The OASIS database is free to join as a user and will give you access to all Certification Bodies (including IMS), all Training Providers, all Accreditation Bodies (UKAS), all Qualified Auditors, all Certified Organisations plus other bits of information with regards to the Aerospace Series of standards.  Certificates can be validated and no one can enter information if they are not approved on the scheme which has reduced the uncertainty over some certificates out in the field which do not look genuine.

You are able to view any organisations approval status, view a copy of their certificate of registration and see when their last audits were.  If you require, you can also ask for permission by the organisations administrator to view the details of the audit report.

Submission to the OASIS database is a mandatory requirement as part of the scheme and IMS personnel will upload all required documentation upon successful certification to one of the Aerospace standards.  This is currently chargeable by the IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group) on a three year subscription basis.  Each certified client is required to setup an administrator who is responsible for managing their organisations information (address and contact details etc), they are also responsible for granting access to hidden information such as the audit report when requested.  Having an administrator is a mandatory requirement and IMS will not issue a certificate until this process has been completed.

The OASIS database can also be used for researching possible new clients or suppliers.  Anyone who is on the OASIS database will be involved in the aerospace or possibly the military industries so you can find customer and supplier information as required.  This could be used to help manage your supplier approval status as alerts can be setup to inform you of information changing with regards to certain suppliers who you may be interested in.

There is also a feedback loop built into the database that can be used to feedback information to the Certification Body for any particular client.  This can be good information, suggestions for areas to look at during the next audit or poor feedback.  The Certification Body has to respond to any requests whether they are good or bad.

During the IMS surveillance visits we will be verifying the OASIS administrator within your organisation to ensure that the nominiated person remains employed and they have clear access to the database.  Too many organisations are not even aware of the database and they have also struggled to gain access as the orginal administrator left a few years ago.

You can access the database by visiting www.iaqg.org and clicking on the oasis database hyperlink.

If you require any further information on the OASIS database or anything related to the aerospace scheme please do not hesitate to contact me.

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