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IMS protects its data in response to new ransomware virus attack

A massive ransomware attack has hit computers and servers across the globe causing turmoil in its path. It first shut down operations in Russia and the Ukraine before spreading quickly to Romania, the Netherlands, Norway, France Spain, Britain, the US, India and Australia. This is a malicious software that blocks access to the victim’s data or threatens to publish or delete it until a ransom is paid.

In light of the recent rise and effectiveness of ransomware attacks, IMS has consulted with Paul Kavanagh of Cirrus IT Systems Ltd on the best way forward to protect its data from these types of attack.
On their recommendation, IMS has migrated its on-premise Sophos Endpoint Protection to the Cloud based Sophos Central Protection Advanced product for all desktops/laptops & servers. We have also rolled out Sophos Intercept X on all desktops/laptops which is specifically designed to prevent ransomware from carrying out its attack (ie encrypting data files). Because its servers are running Sophos Central Server Protection Advanced they also avail of ransomware protection via the inbuilt Cryptoguard Protection technology.
Our perimeter network is also protected by a Sophos UTM device which besides providing firewall protection, scans ALL traffic for malicious content, provides web filtering, remote access & weekly management reporting.
Michael Venner, CEO at IMS said: “We believe that the implementation of these protection technologies, coupled with the installation of Microsoft Updates when made available & ensuring our staff remain vigilant when online will greatly help mitigate ransomware attacks both now and in the future.”

Businesses can help protect their data from security breaches and cyber attacks by achieving certification to ISO 27001: Information Security Management Systems.

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