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Handling, Transfer and Transport of Waste

The government proposes to bring into force two new sets of regulations in England and Wales in 2010-2011 to deal with the handling, transfer and transport of waste.

The proposals will affect businesses that:

  • produce waste
  • import waste
  • carry or transport waste
  • keep or store waste
  • treat waste
  • dispose of waste
  • operate as waste brokers or dealers.

This means that the proposals will affect most businesses. In particular they will affect the waste management industry and farmers.

The details of these draft regulations are not yet available but they are likely to be:

1. Regulations to deal with waste carrier and broker registration.

These will:

  • simplify the existing waste carrier regulations and make them more effective
  • require waste brokers and dealers to register with the Environment Agency
  • set out requirements for transfer notes
  • increase the maximum level of fines and make more use of fixed penalty notices in enforcing the regulations

2. Regulations to control the stop, search and seizure of vehicles as part of the waste controls enforcement regime.

These will:

  • streamline the procedures for seizing and disposing of any vehicle used in an illegal waste operation
  • tighten up procedures for tracing the registered keeper of any vehicle used in an illegal waste operation.

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