/How do I Make a Complaint or Appeal?

How do I Make a Complaint or Appeal?

Well we hope that you never have to but just in case you feel you need to raise an issue you should first address your complaint to the Global Certification Manager.

If you are not satisfied with the response to a complaint, you may further complain to the chairman of the Impartiality Committee.

At any time, any interested party may appeal to the Impartiality Committee if:

  • An application is rejected;
  • A certificate is suspended or terminate;
  • An audit result is not satisfactory.

Appeals should be made via the Global Certification Manager. The appellant will have the opportunity to present his/her case to the Impartiality Committee. The Certification Body’s costs arising from the appeal shall be to the account of: the appellant if the appeal fails; and to IMS if the appeal succeeds.

Complaints will be acknowledged with an initial response in writing within 3 days, and a full written response will be provided upon completion of a full investigation.

If a dispute arises during an audit, the auditor will aim to reach an agreement with the Auditee.  Where this is not possible, the Auditee should contact the Global Certification Manager who will undertake an investigation into the nature of the dispute, and inform the Auditee in writing as to the decision.  The Global Certification Manager will also inform the Auditee of the appeals procedure and further rights to take the matter to the IMS Reliance Impartiality Committee.

At any time, any interested party may make a complaint to IMS about you as a certificated supplier. In this event, we shall send you details of the complaint (excluding the identity of the complainant), and ask you to provide timely comment on the complaint. We would expect that you would propose appropriate corrective action. Depending on your response, we would take note for subsequent surveillance visits, and might require a further audit (see Step 8).

Should an IECQ HSPM client or auditee be unhappy with the outcome of an appear and feel that the decision is against the rules of the IECQ Scheme, the organisation may submit an appear in writing to the Secretary of the IECQ within one month after having been informed of the appeal decision, setting out all reasons for the appeal.

Submission, investigation and decision on complaints shall not result in any discriminatory

actions against the complainant.

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