/How do I Become an ISO Auditor?

How do I Become an ISO Auditor?

Many people will see auditing as a path to early retirement and in some ways, this is a good opportunity to slow down but keep an income coming in.  Becoming an auditor is relatively straight forward, becoming a good auditor is a separate subject matter but I thought I would lay down the general principles and steps someone needs to take to become an auditor.

First, you need your head read as you’re mad, only kidding, the job is enjoyable even though it can sound boring and a conversation stopper.  You get to see a lot of things and learn many things about business and general personal conduct and relationships.

The real first thing is to be prepared for travel, anyone who applies to IMS for a job underestimates the amount of travel involved, no matter how much I explain and ensure they understand I always get people tell me they didn’t realise how much.  Auditing is not done on your doorstep, there is never enough work in a local area to keep someone from traveling at least some of the time.  This may not be every night but expect a night or two a week based on full time position.

I always tell people that I can teach you how to audit but I can’t teach you is the logical approach and demeanour that you need to take and the industry knowledge that should be in place for the sectors you plan on auditing.

We have produced a full article on how to become an auditor which you can read here.

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