How do I Become an ISO Auditor?

Many people will see auditing as a path to early retirement and in some ways, this is a good opportunity to slow down but keep an income coming in.  Becoming an auditor is relatively straight forward, becoming a good auditor is a separate subject matter but I thought I would lay down the general principles [...]

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Is an Annual Assessment Obligatory/Mandatory?

Yes, under ISO 17021 (the standard to which all Certification Bodies are assessed against), it is a requirement to have a surveillance assessment at least every 12 months. This is in order to ensure that the organisation is continuing to maintain their standards.

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How do I Make a Complaint or Appeal?

Well we hope that you never have to but just in case you feel you need to raise an issue you should first address your complaint to the Global Certification Manager. If you are not satisfied with the response to a complaint, you may further complain to the chairman of the Impartiality Committee. At any [...]

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Do I need to Grant the Auditor Access to all my Records?

During Management System audits, IMS will require access to organisational records in order to verify and validate compliance against the relevant standard being assessed.  If there are any records which cannot be made available for review by the audit team for reasons of confidentiality or sensitive information IMS will need to be informed prior to [...]

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What is an Organisation?

At the opening meeting we will also seek to agree the definition of the organisation which you wish to have certificated. This need not have the same boundaries as organisations recognised by company law. The important thing is that the organisation be a sensible operating unit. You cannot exclude parts of the organisation simply because [...]

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What is a “Scope”?

At the opening meeting (during the initial audit), we will seek to agree the “scope” for which you wish to be certificated. Scope is a concise (usually a one or two sentence) description of your business. It is your responsibility to propose the scope, although our Audit Team Leader will help if necessary. Your scope [...]

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What happens if my certification is refused?

9 times out of 10, if there are any issues with an audit recommendation made by an auditor, the client will not know about it.  The issue will be resolved behind the scenes without the client being made away and is usually a conversation or a report update between the person making the certification decision [...]

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How long does it take for me to receive my certificate?

On receipt of the Audit Report and, where applicable, corrective actions, the certification body will undertake a review to ensure that all the correct procedures have been followed, whether the recommendation of the Audit Team Leader is sound, and whether corrective actions have been appropriately addressed and evidenced. This process can sometimes take several weeks [...]

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What do I do if I have Non-conformances?

For any nonconformity there will be a proposed corrective action to remedy any defects in either products or processes.  All corrective actions must be cleared to the satisfaction of the Audit Team Leader or a nominated representative before certification is granted or continued. The nonconformities will be numbered and listed in the audit report or [...]

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