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On 20th September 2016 9100:2016 was published, the main implications of the revision for organisations working within the Aerospace, Space and Defence sector are:

  • 9100:2009 certificates will not be valid after September 14, 2018
  • After June 15th, 2017, no audits (initial, surveillance, recertification or transfer) will be conducted to 9100:2009
  • From June 15th, 2017 to September 14, 2018 organizations shall transition within their current 9100:2009 audit cycle, i.e. at the next planned surveillance or re-certification audit
  • Organizations that are already certified to 9100:2009 will need to complete a successful transition audit, which includes a positive certification decision, by September 14, 2018

What are the changes to 9100:2016?

9100:2016 was developed to align with the common 10 clause high level structure developed by ISO focusing on it:

  • Being less prescriptive, but with greater focus on achieving conforming products and services
  • Being more user friendly for service and knowledge-based organizations
  • Having greater leadership engagement, being more structured when setting objectives and ensuring management review is aligned to organizational results
  • Providing the opportunity for more flexible documented information
  • Addressing organizational risks and opportunities in a structured manner
  • Addressing supply chain management more effectively
  • Providing the opportunity for an integrated management system that addresses other elements such as environment, health & safety, business continuity, etc.

Course Outline

This training programs focuses on providing the Senior Management team with an understanding of their role in meeting the requirements of 9100:2016, thus allowing them to effectively oversee the implementation of their quality management system to 9100:2016 and maintain their organization’s compliance to the standard.

Additional Information Duration: 1 day

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