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Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regs (NI) 2010

The Department of the Environment for Northern Ireland (DOE) is consulting on new regulations to introduce minimum requirements for new and existing above ground storage facilities.

The regulations will effect oil storage tanks over 200 Litres in size and is due for release in the Autumn of 2010.

All tanks will need to be bunded (secondary containment), the bund must have a capacity of not less than 110% of the containers storage capacity or, if there is more than one container within the system, of not less than 110% of the largest container’s storage capacity or 25% of their aggregate storage capacity.  Those of you who are already ISO 14001 Certified and store waste chemicals will be used to this practice as part of your Hazardous Waste Controls.

Some of the other requirements will detail the positioning and protection requirements for tanks, the maintenance checks to be performed to prevent leaks and fixture and fitting requirements.

The consultation period is due to finish in June, IMS will publish information upon its formal release.

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