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Changes to Scope of Certification

The scope of certification is often overlooked by clients and it is very important that the scope reflects your activities.  The scope of certification needs to be unambiguous and consistent with your activities.

The scope of certification and audit is shown on the audit plans which is submitted a few weeks prior to the audit taking place, clients need to review this scope and ensure that no changes are required.   Unplanned scope changes cannot be amended during the audit and any changes need to be formally submitted to IMS prior to any activity.

A review is required of the requested changes to ensure that the current assigned auditor is competent to perform the audit against the amended scope, and that enough time has been allowed to complete the audit including the changes required.

If your current scope of certification is the “Refurbishment of Private Dwellings” and you now expand into “Demolition of Properties” then this area will need to be audited in order to bring it into your scope.  This process needs to be planned into the forthcoming audit and consideration needs to be taken for the auditor competence, no auditor will be allowed to arrive on the day of the audit and change the scope.

There will not generally be an issue bringing new activities into your scope and in most cases additional audit time will not be required.  However, auditors are not authorised to make that decision during the audit, therefore it is very important that you let the head office know prior to the audit that you wish to make a change to the scope.

Please ensure that when you receive the audit plans these are reviewed for content and times and the scope remains accurate.  Contact the head office as soon as possible to request a scope change, this must be received in writing.

If you have any questions regarding the above then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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