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Certification services

The IMS portfolio of certification services works to help you meet the changing demands of your industry marketplace and complements our certification audits. The IMS goal has always been to improve and enhance the technical excellence of our people and expand the range and quality of our services. You will find us competitive, non -bureaucratic and pragmatic in our approach to all aspects of your requirements.

Certificate Validation
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Inspections are valued addition to IMS’ certification services. In commercial transactions, many organisations employ the services of inspection agents to ensure the shipment quantity and product quality is in conformity with contractual requirements.

Upon completion of the production, IMS offers logistical support to clients by:

  • Inspecting the consignment against specifications and defect classification.
  • Reporting all findings to clients promptly before the issuance of the final report.
  • ANSI ASQCZ1.4, level II and AQL2.5/4.0 for random sampling and inspection is usually applied (unless otherwise instructed)

Second-party auditing

Second-party auditing helps organisations identify inefficiencies and helps to find solutions to problems before they impact your customers, as well as minimising risk to your business operations.

IMS International will:

  • Audit your facilities
  • Audit your suppliers
  • Providing a comprehensive report of our findings.

This audit can help you:

  • Avoid compliance issues relating to industry standards or legal requirements
  • Reduces the risk of product recalls and failures
  • Protects the reputation of your business.

Transfer of certification

The certification service of transferring to IMS International is simple and free of charge for companies already certified by an accredited certification body. We aim to be as flexible as possible through the transfer process and without disruption to your current audit cycle. Many clients transfer to IMS not only as a cost saving exercise but also to benefit from an improved level of service.

The Certification Process


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