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Understanding Context of the Organisation

Context of the Organisation Overview Some organisations are struggling with new concepts to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AS9100 standards such as Context of the Organisation and do not see how it fits into their management system, they are often leaving it until last but really it should be one of the first [...]

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Introducing the 5 Whys Technique

5 Whys Technique Many organisations struggle to identify the underlying problem with regards to non-conformance's and find that what they have introduced to address any issues often doesn't solve the problem and the same issues reoccur. There are numerous techniques that can applied to identifying the root cause of non-conformance's, probably the simplest of these being [...]

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Internal Audits Aerospace Scheme

Internal Audits Aerospace Scheme An internal audit aerospace scheme has been introduced due to concerns within the aerospace industry regarding organisations internal audits, especially taking into account organisations certified to AS9100, AS9120 and AS9110. There are various points within the Aerospace Scheme standards that refer to ensuring the Management System takes into account customer and [...]

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Accredited Certificates from other Countries and Organisations

Accredited certificates Many client's often ask our auditors about the validity of a number of their suppliers certificates as they do not display the UKAS logo on their ISO 9001 accredited certificates. It's important to remember that UKAS is the United Kingdom Accreditation Service and other countries have their own equivalent accreditation bodies, just because the [...]

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AS9100 and AS9120 Pre-Audit Activities

AS9100 and AS9120 Pre-Audit Activities Organisations applying the new revisions of AS9100 and AS9120 will notice that they are being required to provide a greater volume of information prior to any on-site activities being performed. Auditors (internal and External) are less likely to be effective if they have not performed suitable planning for the on-site [...]

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Process Control Tools

AS9101 clause requires the Certification Body Auditor to ensure clients provide the necessary information and documentation for review, including the following: Quality Manual; Description of processes showing their sequence and interaction, including the identification of any outsourced processes; Note 1: The processes can be depicted in various ways [e.g., process maps, turtle diagrams, SIPOC [...]

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Process Approach to Auditing

Many of the ISO standards are designed around the process approach to auditing Organisations who introduce ISO 9001, AS9100, AS9120, AS9110 etc need to ensure their management systems are utilising the Plan Do Check Act definitions and steer away from clause based auditing and system design.  This is also relevant to organisations implementing other standards [...]

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AS9100 and AS9101 Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the release of the new revisions of AS9100 and AS9120 the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) have published a number of Frequently Asked Questions Documents. It is recommened that you download these documents as there are a number of clarification points within these documents which will help to further explain not only the [...]

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Netregs Changes to Environmental Regulations

Netregs Changes to Environmental Regulations The Government is bringing together all the information you need to run a business in one place for each of the countries within the UK. Many of  you are regular visitors to Netregs for obtaining information with regards to environmental legislation.  Although Netregs will continue to operate and advise on [...]

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