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The path to certification can seem an arduous task, demanding of your time and resources. However, the reality is that most tenders and contracts now require your business to have a specified certification, so not being certified could mean you fall at the first hurdle. IMS International will support your certification needs ensuring you gain REAL improvements to your business no matter what size your company is, the size of your specific needs, or where you are in the world.

iso 9001


IMS International is a UKAS Accredited Certification Body (078) providing third party certification audits.


iso 14001

Expand your global footprint

International certifications make the worlds markets more efficient by breaking down barriers and ensuring quality control.

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iso certification


IMS offer strong logistic support to clients when addressing quantity and quality issues.

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Global and Industry diverse

We serve many industries including aerospace, MoD, construction, engineering and manufacturing, education and training, waste management, retail, IT, transport and distribution, government departments, archaeologists and emergency services.

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The key benefits of gaining certification

  • Make cost savings by optimising operations
  • Access new markets both at home and abroad
  • Increase sales by improving quality and customer satisfaction
  • Improve your environmental credibility
  • Increase market share by improving productivity

What our client’s say?

“Thank you all for the excellent service that we received, your support and professionalism made the achievement of our certification a rewarding and enjoyable (rather than stressful) experience.”
Manufacturing business, United Kingdom

Some of our clients

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