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AS 9100: Aerospace Quality Management Systems

AS 9100 was developed to standardise aerospace quality management systems and reduce the requirement for customer audits.

The aerospace industry is a high risk sector and regulatory control is needed to capture the requirements and the importance of safety, reliability and maintainability at a global level.

AS 9100 incorporates all the foundational elements of ISO 9001 but aims to improve confidence in the aerospace supply chain with more provisions in regulatory compliance to global aerospace standards.

Requirement summary:

  • Key performance indicators established against key processes of the business
  • Risk management process to critically review the business and identify mitigations to remove those risks
  • In depth review of contractors and subcontractors to ascertain their risk to your business and their performance
  • Verification of all products as well as monitoring of the products through its life cycle
  • Documented control of production activities, equipment and tools
  • Increased top management commitment and customer focus

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